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Silkroad Spiel

Dafür ist das Spiel völlig kostenlos und sollte von jedem Rollenspielfan einmal ausprobiert werden. Ähnliche Spiele findet ihr in unserer Rubrik. Neben dem eigentlichen Spiel bietet Silkroad eine umfangreiche Community, die das Geschehen in der virtuellen Antike noch reizvoller macht. Anstatt sich. Silkroad Online (OT: kor.: 실크로드 온라인, engl. „Seidenstraße“; meist SRO abgekürzt) ist ein koreanisches Massen-Mehrspieler-Online-Rollenspiel (​MMORPG).


Anleitung zum Spielen. Die Anleitung zum Spielen enthält wesentliche Punkte, die der Spieler kennen muss, bevor er mit Silkroad R anfängt. Bedienoberfläche​. Silkroad Online ist ein koreanisches Massen-Mehrspieler-Online-Rollenspiel. Silkroad Online kann kostenlos benutzt und auf der Herstellerseite heruntergeladen werden. Das Spiel finanziert sich über eine sogenannte Item Mall. Dieser Status definiert sich durch spezielle Items, welche im Spiel nicht zu finden sind, den Spielverlauf aber drastisch erleichtern können. Silkroad Online spielt in​.

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Silkroad Online in the world's first 3D MMORPG mobile game with the theme of the ancient Silk Road! It's a great game that has been built for 2 years and cost much of the production team. Within the boundless desert, camels are loaded with silk marching forward. Silkroad Online Systemanforderungen, Silkroad Online Minimale Systemanforderungen, Empfohlene Systemanforderungen, Silkroad Online Spezifikationen, Empfehlungen. About List the best Private Sro Servers for in one list. Find your new Server by Highest Population or most Votes by other Cap: Cap
Silkroad Spiel Tipp Deutsch, how to quickly collect those materials? We are the developer of "Silkroad Online" mobile game from China. Download Testersterone 7. So 2,5D. Da habich ja noch einiges zu testen Thx für diese geile Liste mfg Der Pirat! Pirates of the Burning Sagse. August 17, Gibt da Dungeons, wo Level 28 Mobs sind und du selbst. The same is true of the drop, which is already much better. This usually Twitch Strippin when your using AVG. Cabal fällt mir Reichster Pokerspieler, Runes of magic hab ich Silkroad Spiel. Originally Posted by lopasas. Players can quickly swing a sword to make a ranged attack and fight against the enemy in the distance. Aber aus meiner Sicht hatte "Legend of Silkroad" damals wesentlich mehr Potenzial als das Spiel hier. Additional information about license you can found on owners sites. Featured Video No featured videos are found for this game. When visitor click "Download now" button files will downloading directly from official sources owners sites. Social Media :. The Silkroad is open to Span Liga.
Silkroad Spiel

Benutzerinformationen überspringen. Beiträge: Der Pirat. Dauerhaft angemeldet bleiben? Sie sind nicht angemeldet. Silkroad Online Forum.

Forum Mitglieder Galerie. Benutzerinformationen überspringen Bullit Anfänger. Liste: It is much bigger than an ordinary monster.

It has more defense, attack, and plenty of HP. Chances Advisory drop is already very high. We have a huge attack, not a very large number of lives, and after killing get huge amounts of gold and EXP.

Search Blogs. Failed to execute SilkRoad [error code 2 ]. Page 1 of 3. Failed to execute SilkRoad [error code 2 ] Hey guys They told me to get the original client with english patch to run Sibibot.

Thanks 3 Users. I asked about the website and thats what he sent back.. The game will be running in Free to Play, Item selling Model u Although currently we only provide Chinese version of game client.

I still advise you to join our open beta test , as the basic control of game is quite simple, just as WOW The English version of game and homepage is under development now, I think by the end of June, you will have a chance to join the test of English Version.

Best regards. Das klingt doch ma gut. Benutzerinformationen überspringen backo Meister. Hmm die Grafik ähnelt irgendwie einem Comic,würd ich Sagen.

Players need to obtain Fury by releasing the attack skills. When the Fury accumulates to , the dragon icon will light up and the character can transform then.

During the transformation, the player's attack limit and attack power will be instantly improved, and the recover ability will be enhanced.

The screen will flash yellow light as well. Though, the brightness will gradually decrease with the time goes to 0. So I recommend players to choose the time of transformation properly and make the highest amount of damage.

In addition to having powerful capabilities, the transformation system also has gorgeous effects and cool appearance. Below are two looks for example.

For example, Soul Leech Smash can cause continuous damage to the opponent while its effects are also very gorgeous. As a rare control skill, Sky Blade Force and Killing Heaven Blade can be combined to form a perfect combo: knocking down the enemy is followed by a storm attack, practical and fierce.

Celestial Shield and Celestial Protection can help enhance defense and magic defense and are the main defensive skills of Bicheon Swordman.

In addition, Bicheon Swordman also has a remote skill: Emperor Blade. Players can quickly swing a sword to make a ranged attack and fight against the enemy in the distance.

Of course, only counterattack is not enough, players can give a critical strike with the skill Stab Smash. We are done here with the introduction of Bicheon Swordman's skill today.

We will release the skills of Heuksal Spearman in the next chapter! The main gameplay of Heuksal Spearman is the control of distance. Control, attack and defense are 3 main type of its characteristc.

Controlling skills are said to be the core skills of Heuksal Spearman. Using Soul Spear can stun opponents and Ghost Spear can knock them back. After controlling the opponents, Spearmen can begin to release their attack skills and cause severe damage.

Soul Burn Asura Spear is a skill players can utilize centrifugal force to puncture a range of enemies in front of them.

Pitch Black Spear and Chain Spear will cause massive damage to opponents while wielding a weapon.

Cheolsam Force can help strengthen the body muscles and increase the maximum HP limit for seconds. Bloody Ghost Storm helps absorb a lot of physical damage.

If the enemy tries to escape, Heuksal Spearman can use Flying Dragon to track and give him a final strike! The skills of Pacheon Bowman can be divided into 3 types, they are types of attack, defense and assist.

As an aggressive remote skill of Pacheon Bowman, Autumn Wind-Dragon not only can cause a lot of damage to the opponent, but also penetrate his arrows.

The Thunder Bow can gather strength to launch arrows with high fatality. The 7 Arrow Combo can pull the bow to attack the target multiple times while Hell Burst Arrow can shoot arrows with a lot of gunpowder and burn the opponent.

For defensive skills, Pacheon Bowman's wings can summon the Giant Hawk to help him move backwards a distance, which is useful for battles that require space.

Pacheon Bowman's assistive skills are also powerful: Mind Concentration can adjust the character's inner realm and increase the arrow's hit rate.

Pacheon Bowman can also summon the Fire Hawk to affect the opponent's field of vision while causing damage. As the only remote job in Silkroad Online, Pacheon Bowman has a unique advantage in PK, that is the attack in distance.

As long as Pacheon Bowman is operating properly in combat, he can always stay out of the opponent's attack and end the battle without injury.

Today, let me introduce the jobs in the "Silkroad Online" mobile game. There are 3 jobs: Bicheon Swordman excellent in control , Pacheon Bowman good at melee and Heuksal Spearman good at long-range attack.

Each of the 3 jobs has its own characteristics. Whether in a copy or fighting a Boss, all of them need to cooperate with each other, which is the key to success.

We are the developer of "Silkroad Online" mobile game from China. The mobile "Silkroad Online" has the same background of the PC Client "Silkroad online", which is based on the rise and fall of the Silk Road in the seventh century.

Was das Spiel angeht wird es wohl auch 2 Versionen geben. Aktuell ist das Spiel noch nicht im europäischen Playstore drinne. Kommt aber vielleicht ja noch.

Hä ich will aber spielen? Die apk bitte hoch geht das? Silke, Vorher kannst du gar nix machen. Wenn er bis dahin aber nicht geladen hat kann er auch nix am 25 was machen.

Es werden nur die ersten Leute reingelassen.

★ Silkroad Online ISRO - jarock Level Pure Int Spear Nuker ★ - Duration: romain , views. Silkroad Online Hades Hotan FW 27/02/ - Duration: Silkroad Online is a historical fantasy MMORPG from Joymax based on the history of China along the famous Silk Road. Reproducing 7th century Silk Road trading while adding fantastic elements. SilkRoad Online introduces us into a world that combines reality and fantasy. This video game consists in a journey through oriental culture, that submerges the player in a world of fantasy and adventure, set in the Middle East, and the historical Silk Road. Thus, it allows the player to learn about the old civilizations of Asia and Europ e. 8/10 (45 Stimmen) - Download SilkRoad Online kostenlos. Downloaden Sie SilkRoad kostenlos und genießen Sie diesen MMORPG. Bereisen Sie die Seidenstraße und machen Sie Ihre Feinde fertig in SilkRoad Online. SilkRoad Online bringt Sie in eine Welt, in der sich Realität mit Fantasie mischt. In. Silkroad Online is the world's first MMORPG3D mobile game with the theme of the Silk Road! Sword shield, bow, knife three occupations, ice and fire three skills to let you practice! Colorful missions, rich social, hot blood PK, Changyou Silk Road world!. Silkroad Online ist ein koreanisches Massen-Mehrspieler-Online-Rollenspiel. Silkroad Online kann kostenlos benutzt und auf der Herstellerseite heruntergeladen werden. Das Spiel finanziert sich über eine sogenannte Item Mall. Silkroad Online (OT: kor.: 실크로드 온라인, engl. „Seidenstraße“; meist SRO abgekürzt) ist ein koreanisches Massen-Mehrspieler-Online-Rollenspiel (​MMORPG). In Silkroad Online wurde stets der extrem langsame Spielfluss auf hohen Leveln bemängelt, welcher dazu führte, dass die überwältigende Mehrzahl der Spieler. 《Silkroad Online》 mobile game is the mobile version of 《Silkroad Online》 develop and operate by U1game, which is authorized by Joymax Korea. WhatsApp erkennt Kontakt nicht So löst ihr das Problem. Diese Hindernisse lassen sich nur an bestimmten Punkten überqueren, an denen man das alte Gebiet komplett verlässt und nach einer kurzen Ladezeit das neue Gebiet Skat.Dk Deutsch. Du solltest deinen Browser aktualisieren oder Fcn Bayern alternativen Browser verwenden.

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